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Market Reviews

When I was Research Director of the Citizens League in Minneapolis-St. Paul in 1990, I thought that someone should write a report comparing the HMOs in Minnesota. I nominated myself to do it. Producing such a report was consistent with the League’s mission of putting information in the hands of the public. I also knew that state agencies had file cabinets full of interesting information about HMOs, but usually did not put that information into a form that someone could use easily.

The reports have grown, and are now available for 11 state markets. They do two things:

  • Provide a competitive analysis of health plans and hospital systems – their market share and enrollment trends, financial results and utilization measures; and
  • Place that information in the context of market developments and policy initiatives in each local market

As implementation of the Affordable Care Act continues, we can see how the market for individual insurance has grown and been transformed in some states. In September 2014 we published a briefing paper entitled: “Growth and Market Share Shifts in Individual Health Insurance Markets.” 

Would you like to see a sample report?  By clicking here, you can request a PDF version of one of my state market reports. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the report. To get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat, click on this link. To download the reports for Arizona, California, Kentucky or New York, follow the links from my home page.

Data Sets

To prepare our reports, we have developed data sets for each state. They include spreadsheet files with multiple years of detailed data on the enrollment, finances and utilization of HMOs and hospital systems. These can be licensed for consultants and analysts who are involved in competitive analysis.